Looking for more information about the Glasgow Tripper card? We've put together some frequently asked questions that may answer your query.

Where can I get a Glasgow Tripper card?

Sign up for your Tripper card at www.glasgowtripper.com

Your card will be sent by Royal Mail (2nd class) and will be with you within 10 working days.

Is there a charge for my Glasgow Tripper card?

Your Glasgow Tripper card costs £1.75 (non-redundable).

How do I add a ticket to my Glasgow Tripper card?

Once you receive your card, simply log back on to your Glasgow Tripper account and buy your tickets.

Your tickets will be stored within your account until you choose to activate one on the bus. 

Ready to make a journey? Simply place your Glasgow Tripper card on the ticket machine on the bus and wait for the beep - this indicates your ticket has been downloaded to your card.  Repeat this to now activate the ticket you have just added to the card. And that's it!

For all other journeys using the ticket, you just need to place your Glasgow Tripper card on the reader once, listen for the beep, and take a seat!

How can I check if I have any unused tickets on my Glasgow Tripper card?

Log on to your online account and on the opening screen you'll see details of all tickets that you have purchased, but have not yet used.

Can I add tickets to my Glasgow Tripper card on the bus?

Yes, only day tickets can be added on the bus.  All weekly and flexi bundles can only be bought via your online account.

Can I buy a new ticket before the current one expires?

Yes, you can buy additional tickets at any time, by logging on to your Glasgow Tripper account.  You do not need to wait until your current ticket has expired.

Only one ticket will be activated when you first place it on the ticket machine.

How do I know when my ticket will expire?

Once activated, a Tripper Day ticket will expire at 0400hrs the following day; regardless of the time the ticket was activated.

A Tripper Weekly ticket gives 7 days travel; inclusive of the day that it is activated. Like the day ticket, it will expire at 0400hrs on the eighth day after the ticket has been activated.

For the flexi bundles, each day ticket from your bundle will expire at 0400hrs the following day.

If I try to use my Glasgow Tripper card after my product has expired, how will I know?

If the ticket on your Tripper card has expired and is no longer valid for travel, the ticket machines will make a negative beep to advise.  Your driver will also confirm if you have no other valid tickets available.

If this happens, you will need to add a new ticket to your Tripper card, or choose another ticket option for your journey.

If you believe your ticket was still valid and your driver cannot assist, you can review your purchase history on your Tripper account.  Alternatively, you can call our customer support team on 0345 241 1595.

What happens when my ticket has expired?

Simply buy another one!  Log on to your Tripper account and add another ticket. We ask that you leave at least four hourse between purchasing your ticket online, and activating it on the bus.

If the 4hr window does not suit your travel plans, remember that you can also buy a Tripper Day ticket on the bus too.

If I have a stored ticket do I have to use it straight away?

No, all stored tickets will remain on your card until you are ready to activate one on the bus. Only one ticket can be activated at a time, so there is no need to worry about other tickets being accidentally activated.

What do I do if I have forgotten my email address or password to log into my online account?

You can request a new password by clicking on 'reset password'. A new password will be emailed to you.

If you forget your email address to log in, you will need to contact customer service on 0345 241 1595.

What happens if my Glasgow Tripper card is lost, stolen or damaged?

If your Tripper card is lost or stolen, you must report it via your online account, or by calling customer service on 0345 241 1595.

A replacement card can be ordered and will be issued at a cost of £1.75.

If you have stored tickets on your lost, stolen or damaged card, please contact customer services to discuss.

What tickets can I buy for my Tripper smart card on the bus?

Only day ticket can be added to your Glasgow Tripper card on the bus.  Please note however that you can't buy a day ticket on Stagecoach routes and First East Scotland services 10, X37 and X39. (Whilst you can't buy your ticket on these buses, you can still travel with Stagecoach and on First East Scotland services 10, X37 and X39 with a ticket activated on a McGill's, First Glasgow, Glasgow City Bus or Whitelaws bus).

How long will my Glasgow Tripper card last?

Tripper cards are designed to be topped up and used again and again, making them more environmentally friendly than paper tickets. An adult card will expire after 7 years. Don’t worry we’ll let you know in plenty of time.

Are there any routes on which my Glasgow Tripper card is not valid?

Yes, the following exclusions apply:

  • Football specials
  • Night services identified with an "N" service prefix
  • Registered school services with one journey each way per school day
  • First Glasgow's Glasgow Airport service 500
  • First 77 service to/from Glasgow Airport - your Tripper card is valid to/from Renfrew Cross on all 77 services. It cannot be used beyond this point to Glasgow Airport.
  • Stagecoach East X24 service to/from Glasgow Airport.
  • Long distance express coach registered locally within the zone
  • Rail replacement services
  • Any service where the ticket can be used must have at least two stopping points within the zone

Where can I find the boundary points for the Glasgow Tripper?

The Tripper map provides an overview of the main boundary points. For specific bus information, please click here.

How can I pay for my Glasgow Tripper tickets?

If you purchase a ticket online, you can pay using any major credit or debit cards. If you are purchasing a day ticket on the bus, you need to pay with cash.

Can’t find the answer to your question? You can call us on 0345 241 1595 and speak to a member of the Tripper card customer services team.